Peony Symphony Earrings

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18k White Gold Earring Set with White Diamond and White Quatrz, gold wt 25.05g 4.02cts diamond 34.80cts white quartz

Everything we do is propelled by the lure of happiness. Perhaps it awaits at the end of the journey. Perhaps we can bring it and inspire it in others. Perhaps we can make it last forever. This collection, adorned with the peony, a powerful symbol of happiness, is an expression of joy. An expression of happiness as the ultimate reward for the epic tale. A beautiful moment, frozen in time. The patterns featured on the jewellery are influenced by traditional Asian ceramic art and pottery. For hundreds centuries, the humble peony has been imbued with great aspirations as a symbol of happiness, wealth and success. The Peony Symphony brings brilliant new life to an ancient symbol. A beautiful, flowering plant in deep icy blue, frozen in transparent quartz.

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