Our E-boutique

We believe that a well-curated and selected collection of jewellery and fine art creates not only a livable environment, but one that brings contentment, shapes our senses and memories on top of bringing us a feeling of financial well-being.

Our e-boutique gathers the services and the products to ultimately create a collection and a selection which are singular and reflect their future
owner’s life, personality and ambitions.

The aim of Theodore and C. is to partner with brands, designers and collectors who wish through this platform to present their best and rarest pieces among others who share the same vision, and who will find in our marketplace a home that highlights the exclusivity and the finesse of the art of Jewellery and not jeopardizing it’s online presence with other consumables ie: clothing, fashionaccessories etc...

In other terms Theodore and C. is andalways will be a 

Home for the art of jewellery.

Our E-Gallery

With a strong focus on the above said, Fine Arts will come to add its significant value to our page, sharing with Jewellery a distinguished art approach and a similar history of receptive and well-disposed audience with considerable buying powers.

From Art curating services involved with the selection and management of artwork for exhibitions, collections, and other public or private spaces, to Investment art advisors, styling spaces and commissioning art to projects, architects and clients, our art services have developed into a unique E-Gallery coping with the rush of time while keeping those old times values.