The Founder’s Note

Jewelry meant my father’s surprise gift to my mother; I used to hide those boxes and choose presents with him for every occasion. It was an investment discussed by my late grandmother, who recently passed away, and has hidden more sets than I imagined, for the tough days as she survived several the wars.

It was a source of security but also pride and beauty. Relatives and friends exchanged jewelry for newborn babies, birthdays, graduations, and weddings.

I left my parents' home with a collection of sentimental jewels and started collecting my own jewelry as soon as I received my first salary. Little did I know that this deep interest would become a project combining the two languages of wholehearted passion: Jewelry and fine art.

After 12 years in the interior architecture field, I found myself combining my attention to precious stones with the art of mixing, matching, and styling. People would see me wearing a piece and ask me to have the same or to help them choose the shape, color, and cut that brings the sparkle to their eyes.

A few courses and readings later, along with a lot of exposure and travel, got me into collecting, sourcing, and curating, but also working with jewelry factories and workshops where I would customize pieces for myself, for friends, and for family. It was the process that was thrilling.

In 2018, Theodore & C. was founded to carry my children’s names, Theodore and Carolina, as the project was close to my heart. I was so involved and passionate creating it that I dreamt one day it would become a legacy. Just a big dream. The love of jewelry already grows in my little ones, and the pieces I choose for myself, I visualize them keeping or wearing.

Back then, it all started privately with a few clients, through word of mouth, and the circle grew. Clients revisited for the exclusive communication, ease of contact, sincerity, and for the reflection and impression I made while wearing my own jewelry.

It’s a very personal and tight relationship I built with the clients to meet their expectations and satisfy their purchases. It might have taken more than six months to find a stone, especially if it’s a rare one, but I would insist that they only choose what their heart desires.

I usually advise on some aesthetic guidelines for making the final piece after purchasing the stones, and I don’t impose my personal style, but I promise to reflect the most beautiful light from their eyes and soul. Jewelry became my language.

Today, Theodore & C.’s custom service and curated collection found a new translation, following the era of online shopping and e-commerce but keeping personalized contact and concierge assistance at the top of the list.

On board, designers and brands who believe in me, my project, and the art we are making together for the customer through a unique platform in a unique century.

Last but not least, I couldn’t help but include fine arts in my e-boutique, as, again, personally, jewelry and art embody the same culture, two pillars to the same home.  

With all my sparkling wishes, I hope that you find your tiniest or vastest desire in our products and through our services, and remember,

“When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day."

Truly yours,