SONKE (1984 ) Alexander Skoutariotis (Sonke) was born in Athens in 1984. He studied applied art and has worked as drawing / sketch teacher at the Community Center of Amarousio. He has been active in public space artwork since 1998. He has given solo exhibitions and has also participated in group exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad (France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, Turkey and the Americas)

Female figures with long necks, eyes shut and hair flung in the air. Elongated couples leaning on each other, as if offering a cradle, trying to hold a heart, a small sparrow, a symbol. These are the creations of street artist Sonke and it is certain that you have stumbled upon them at some point in a corner of Athens. He creates, as most of his peer, inspired by the contemporary sociopolitical fabric and his personal endeavors. Freedom, emancipation, the meaning of relationships and the self determination of women take the center stage in his work. He refers to the notion of the artist as an individual who is responsible to shout among the silent awakening the sleeping consciousness, invigorating the soul. Furthermore he emphasizes the vital role of the subconscious regarding art, thus encouraging us to stand before the artwork and appreciate it devoid of prejudice.