We believe that every single one of our passionately designed jewels creates miracles in your lives. After all, we do not only design jewels, we design objects of love that pass on happiness from one generation to the next.

Monan Jewelry embraces the rich cultural heritage of its birthplace, Istanbul, bringing together the glitter of the past with the magic of boundless imagination. With jewelry designed with inspiration drawn from legendary tales and profoundly exhilarating philosophical ideas, Monan Jewelry accompanies the most intimate moments of jewelry lovers.

Monan jewelry is not afraid to venture into the uncharted territory of jewelry design, always retaining its elegance even when challenging conventional techniques of the trade. High-level artisanship, fantastic expression, groundbreaking imagination and a contemporary oriental touch meet to create Monan jewelry.

Like every one of us, every single gemstone, too, has its unique DNA. Fine gems are miracles of nature, and for us, they are the heroes of Monan designs. Monan holds the art of jewelry in the highest esteem and has created a timeless style by trusting rare precious stones into the hands of meticulous artisans. In addition to its iconic collections, Monan also creates bespoke designs and limited editions.