Borzaya started in 2015 with a small workshop. Having been in the jewelry business for over a decade, the creative director and founder, Elizaveta Borzunova, used her education as a financial analyst to open representative offices of European and Asian jewelry brands in Russia. Controlling business processes, she also learned the secrets of the craft. She saw how products were created, the individual requirements of each technique and the subtle differences between good jobs and outstanding ones.

Years of viewing and hands-on experience, allied with her business contacts, allowed Liza to move to placing individual orders in European factories. With growing enthusiasm and customer numbers, Lisa began creating jewelry herself and opened her workshop in Moscow.

Today, Liza Borzaya's top team of artists, modelers and jewelers have access to a workshop of technical equipment that allows them to conduct a full production cycle, from casting metal to painting on hot enamel. In charge of brand management, Lisa also oversees the creative process and personally leads every order. The identity of Liza Borzaya designs reflects the character of the creative director: ironic, bold and dreamy.

Lisa uncompromisingly concerns herself with the design and quality of all products. Technically complex works — transformative pieces, painting on hot enamel or Pavé on complex, plastic forms — are the hallmark of the Liza Borzaya brand. Liza is sure that jewelry is not created for display cabinets or safes; art should be comfortable for everyday wear and pleasing to the eye