The driving force forJacob& Co. is creativity. From his earliest beginnings in jewelry and watches, JacobArabo, Founder and Chairman ofJacob& Co., has been designing beautiful and innovative products. The breadth ofJacob& Co.'s offering shows the brand's insatiable need to produce amazing pieces that the world has never seen before.

JacobArabo has gone from rags to diamonds and tourbillons, and he's not going to stop anytime soon. The brand is committed to pushing the limits of high horology and high jewelry. Echoing the words of American hero Captain John Paul Jones, Mr. Arabo says, with a smile, "I have not yet begun to create."

Mr. Arabo is not content making hundreds of the same watches and jewelry. He lives to create and innovate, always working on the next ground-breaking, revolution idea.Jacob& Co. is a different kind of watch company, combining the daring and entrepreneurial spirit of America with the high watchmaking and high jewelry making of Switzerland. With a foot in both worlds, Mr. Arabo and his company are dedicated to shaking up the status quo.