ISOU Jewellery

Isou Jewellery is giving you the modern touch that you need in your jewellery. Handmade jewellery is designed using exceptional diamonds and precious gemstones, set in gold. The pieces are meant to be layered, stacked, mixed and marched to create the jewellery wardrobe that gives you energy and boosts your positivity, makes you fall in love with your jewellery.

Isou Jewellery was created and designed by Aysu Korkmazoğlu, taking her inspiration from the classic jewellery of the Art Deco period, she offers her own signature jewellery with contemporary and modern touches. The brand's mission is to preserve the classic line of jewellery by adding today's style codes and modern look without sacrificing the simplicity of the jewellery.

Express your uniqueness and highlight your elegance with timeless art deco inspired designs of Isou Jewellery.