Since striking out on his own in 2017 with the theme “When Jewellery is Psychedelic Art”, Austy Lee, a Hong Kong based jewellery designer, has been making waves with his fashion-forward concepts.

Austy started his career in the jewellery business after graduating from Product Design. He had stints with the Swiss jeweller Adler and Wendy Yue, for whom he served as chief designer. There, he earned his stripes as a fine jewellery designer and professional gemstone buyer. In 2017, he launched an eponymous brand of high jewellery, aUSTY LEE, in Hong Kong, of which his creations have been appreciated by Hollywood celebrities and have placement in some of the world’s most exclusive boutiques and department stores.

Austy’s pieces are wearable sculptures with meticulous craftsmanship, rivaling the complexity of a Faberge egg. Drawing inspiration from religion, mythology and counterculture, Austy applies colorful and rare gemstones and carved/engraved materials on 18K solid gold – jadeite, paraiba, padparadscha, Chrysoberyl, indigolite, to name a few – in ways that are edgy, contemporary and ethereal.