When I wear ASHAHA, my fingers would no longer be made of skin, but of the gold of every ring”- Uma Jemil

The artistic bubble in which Uma Jémil grew up never burst. In front of her abstract paintings and sketches of earrings in her school notebooks, her father pushes her to go to GIA gemmology school.

The diploma in hand, the young lady dreams of tens of creations with the belief that one day her brand, ASHAHA, will empower women of today.

The puzzle of life is much more imaginative than what she thought, as her artistic soul meets another in 2020. Carole Guez, with a career in fashion and jewellery as eclectic as it is tinged with freedom.

" When we met in July 2021, Carole wore a desert key cast in brushed gold as a necklace set with diamonds, a jewel that could only portend sparks, shared Uma: we merge perfection, sophistication and love of ethnic groups intravenously. From my Berber origins and our common fascination for the chic and the lines of the 1970s – an unbridled decade that Carole lived through her mother - ASHAHA was born. »

Now in the artistic direction, Carole, like a second wind, takes Uma under her wing and transmits to her, her expertise, her expectations and her knowledge, going as far as opening her Parisian workshops to establish the first designs of ASHAHA.

The vintage spirit rubs the Berber DNA, while remaining anchored in the spirit of the times. " We are two spiritual and strong women, adds Carole, brought back to each other to liberate the passions and the multi-facets of the women around the world! »