Wearable art by fifth-generation jewellers, Ashni and Sidhant Kothari, who revisit traditional Indian techniques with a contemporary lens to create modern masterpieces.

Infused with the spirit of contemporary art, ARAYA’s jewellery is for connoisseurs of jewels that are as rare as they are collectible. Their modern approach to time-honored Indian handcrafting techniques like enameling and inlay work, coupled with a flair for working with coverable gems and custom-cut stones give every piece a unique, artistic quality.

Their design ethos is inimitable, relevant, and sophisticated - driven by the keen eye of co-founders Ashni and Sidhant Kothari. The husband-wife duo marries their extensive artistic and gemmology expertise with a century-old family legacy of being leaders in the trade of solitaire diamonds and precious gemstones, which sees their work with renowned jewellery houses across the world.

With ARAYA, the fifth generation jewellers craft a limited edition series of hundred jewellery designs annually, all handcrafted in India. These masterpieces give their patrons the luxury of modern-day functionality laced with one-of-a-kind brilliance and beauty.