For this jeweler with a sculptor’s spirit, the art of creating is no more than that of modifying nature in all its intact majesty, that of giving its due place.

The brand story is about the artist, his creative universe, his passion for sculpting and his attention to shapes and colors and the way they interact together. He is known particularly for his daring collections such as Naturalis, Ode To Pearl or the Ultimate that translate into “objet d’art” jewels.

His highly inventive creations, exquisitely outlining a central stone or baroque pearl and set with diamonds or with aged or polished gold, become conversation pieces triggered by the surprise and emotion they create, and immediately recognizable.

The jewels speak to modern women that like to start a trend rather than follow one. They are unique pieces, sometimes unusual and faithful to nature. Every creation is considered one of a kind and unique.

Resulting from a knowhow in craftsmanship and innovation and in respect to great jewelry making tradition for over half a century, ANDRE MARCHA jewels are recognized and appreciated by fine Art connoisseurs.