Anabela Chan is the first fine jewellery brand in the world to champion laboratory-grown gemstones with high jewellery design and artisanal craftsmanship, always with a focus on ethical and sustainable innovations.

Jeweller to The Stars and founded in London in 2013 with awards from Vogue Talents and The British Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council, Anabela Chan is awarded as Walpole's British Luxury Brand of Tomorrow in 2020, and the 50 Most Influential People in British Luxury in 2022 as a Pioneer for new business ideas and paving the way for change at pace. She is the first and only fine jewellery designer to place laboratory grown gemstone creations with recycled metals at every major red carpet events from The Oscars, Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Bafta’s, Golden Globes, MTV and Brit Awards to The Met Gala - worn by Stars from Beyonce to Rihanna, Lady Gaga to Anne Hathaway, Dua Lipa to Taylor Swift, Lupita Ngongo to Julia Roberts, Mariah Carey to J Lo, Zandaya to Zoe Kravitz and more - all without a single paid partnership.

From collections pioneering recycled aluminium refined from soda cans to diamonds mined from the sky through carbon capture technology, and fully traceable artisanal mined gemstones by women in Tanzania through blockchain technology to Tahitian Pearls that regenerate local marine ecosystems, the focus of merging Science with Art to offer a different, more mindful and sustainable perspective in the industry whilst creating equally beautiful red-carpet worthy jewels has always been the brand’s mission.