The Fire of January Birth Stone

Garnet is the birthstone for every beautiful person born in January. This stunning dark red stone is stylish, and exotic and looks lovely worn with a chic casual outfit or high-end luxury look for a special occasion. Vivid red garnets are classic, while Almandite and Rhodolite garnets that have subtle tones of violet and rose are timeless and sentimental.

Garnets also come in orange, yellow, pink, peach and green shades, so you are not limited to a red garnet but rather choose what resonates with your soul.

What makes this gem so special? Well, it's not just the gorgeous color that makes it attractive. The garnet is known as the gemstone of friendship because of its many favorable properties. It has been used for centuries as a symbol of passion and love, and many believe that garnet can help strengthen your connection with others.

In addition to its beautiful hue, warmth and energy, this stone also represents strength and durability. People who wear garnets are said to be able to feel more confident in themselves. They're said to have a stronger sense of self-worth and be better able to stand up for themselves when confronted with difficult situations.

If you know someone celebrating a January birthday, this gemstone will remind them daily how much they mean to you. They'll cherish their new piece of jewelry every time they wear it. Or you could treat yourself to a flawless January birthstone.

At THEODORE & C. we adore garnets and are always pleased to help clients select the perfect piece for a loved one who has a birthday in the first month of the year. Our garnet pendants and necklaces are delicate and gorgeous and much appreciated for women who love feminine and dainty pieces. We have a distinct Magic Mushroom pendant featuring green garnet, red sapphires and 18K yellow gold for the woman who loves to be different. For the man born in January, the Yana jewellery cufflinks are the perfect accessory to any outfit.

These bright red beauties make a statement that is bold and confident.