Royal Tiaras

The queen of England has died, it’s the end of an era. When you think of her Majesty’s reign, often what comes to mind are her glamorous appearances over the years. Always in elegant beautiful gowns for formal events, the Queen was never without her glittering and historically significant accessories, specifically her tiaras. While her collection is impressive, Queen Elizabeth wasn’t the only royal to have a remarkable trove of jewels, here are six of the most beautiful royal tiaras ever seen.

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara

A favourite of the late Princess Diana, this tiara is a stunning combination of diamonds arches and delicately dangling pearls. Originally created for Queen Mary in 1913, it has most recently been seen on Kate the Duchess of Cambridge, now also known as the Princess of Wales.

The Russian Nuptial Tiara

One of the few surviving royal jewels from the Romanov family of Russia, this diamond tiara features an impressive display of white diamonds with a 13 carat pink diamond at the center.
Created around 1800, as the name would suggest, this tiara was often worn by bride’s during the royal weddings of Russia.

The Braganza Tiara

Known as one of the most significant tiaras in the Swedish Royal collection, this tiara cannot be missed. At a height of almost five inches, the floral stylings and size make it both ornate and imposing. A favourite of Queen Silvia, it was worn for her first official portrait.

The Ruby Parure Tiara

Designed for the Coronation of Napoleon, this tiara is part of a parure: a set of matching jewelry pieces. It has been handed down through the Royal family of Denmark, now being a favorite of Crown Princess Mary. The tiara itself is composed of rubies and diamonds designed into a wreath style that spans nearly from ear to ear.

Queen Maria II Sapphire and Diamond

This tiara has been called a crown due to its size, but stylistically, it is a tiara. While no longer in the position of a royal family, this sapphire and diamond beauty did belong to Queen Maria II of Brazil. With large sapphires and diamond details resembling a crest, this tiara is not soon forgotten.

The Empress’s First Tiara

The Japanese royal family also has a tradition of tiaras. In fact, their most famous is also the first. This 130 year old tiara that has been passed down through generations is elegant in it’s simplicity. An ideal design for a feminine tiara, the primary details are spires of round diamonds surrounded by fleur-de-lis elements.

We may not have Queen Elizabeth anymore, but we’ll always have the memories of the jewels she wore in those historic moments. Just as all these jewels have been a part of royal histories around the world.