Modern & Contemporary
Middle Eastern Art

On the 16th of May, Christie’s auction celebrating Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art concluded with an impressive sale total of USD 2,277,072. As expected, many of the sale highlights, such as Etel Adnan’s Khat wa Rasm, Paul Guiragossian’s Retour à la ville, Nabil Nahas’s Untitled, and Manoucher Yektai’s Untitled (Still Life), achieved notable results, nearly doubling the lower estimate.
Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art

Parviz Tanavoli, Heech and Chair III, 1973
Edition 4/5
30.5 x 11.8 x 21.7 cm
Price realised USD 81,900

Mohamed Melehi's concise geometric imagery, Hayv Kahraman's striking sculptures, and Parvis Tanavoli's jewel-toned female forms captivated the bidders' attention. Notably, Hayv Kahraman's Kurdish Women set a new auction record for the artist's work on paper, achieving a remarkable price of USD 81,900.

Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art
Hayv Kahraman
Kurdish Women, 2009
Sumi ink and gold paint on paper
68.3 x 104.6cm
Price realised USD 81,900

Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art
Hayv Kahraman
Untitled, 2011
Gouache and metallic paint on watercolour paper
55.7 x 41.3 cm
Price realised USD 63,000

Indeed, the sale was replete with record-breaking results. Dana Awartani's Icosahedron within a dodecahedron fetched a staggering price of USD 35,280, setting a new record for the artist. Similarly, Mahammed Kazem's Acrylic on Scratched Paper commanded an impressive sum of USD 52,920, also establishing a record price for the artist. Lastly, Dia Azzawi's Gilgamesh Epic No.4 attained the distinction of being the artist's most expensive work on paper, selling for a remarkable USD 119,700.

Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art
Dana Awartani
Icosahedron within a Dodecahedron (from The Platonic Solid Duals), 2016
Variation number two from an edition of three
Wood, copper and glass
17 x 124 x 124 cm
Price realised USD 35,280

The sale marked a robust resurgence of the Contemporary Middle Eastern Art auctions in the post-pandemic market, effectively illuminating an established scene that has historically been overlooked by the Western market. The event rightly brought attention to the artistic contributions of this region, signifying a significant and well-deserved recognition.

Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art
Dia Azzawi
Gilgamesh Epic No.4, 1966
Ink and metallic paint on paper
58 x 37 cm
Price realised USD 119,700

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