Artist of the Week: Angelo Accardi

Angelo Accardi is a renowned contemporary artist who has exhibited his surreal artwork around the world. He was born in the Ionian seaside town of Catanzaro, Italy, in 1965, destined to live in a world of art. His eye-catching work explores the relationship between post-modern culture and Renaissance paintings and examines how history is reinterpreted through art.

Angelo Accardi's artworks are vibrant, thought-provoking and edgy. Infusing modern characters, we see in pop culture and iconic historical masterpieces, he creates sort-after pieces that are bold and striking. His clients appreciate art that is worldly, striking and stimulating.


His work has evolved as much as his reputation as a talented artist has grown. Ever since he was young, the art work was calling out to his creative soul. He studied fine arts at the Art Academy of Naples, one of the best art schools in the country. Then in the 90s, he established an art studio not far from his hometown. It is here that his most astounding and captivating works of art are made.


His art can be seen hanging in galleries around the world. If you know his work, you will instantly recognize it for there is no mistaking this iconic artist's bold and colorful interpretations of the world. Take your time to admire the story that unfolds on canvas or sculpture and expect the unexpected. It's the kind of work that shows you different details every time you visit. To fully understand one piece, you would surely need to own it.

Today he resides in Italy, where he continues to work on mixed media and oil acrylic and ink paintings and sculptures.


Marilyn Under This Vasarely Sky, School Strike For Climate and Conor Fighting are some of the most enquired-about works from this famed Italian talent. Our curators would be excited to help you select the perfect Angelo Accardi piece to display in your home or office.